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the boys

Gossip Girl Real Person Fiction/Real Person Slash

fic: new york city blues (rpf: James Franco/Aaron Tveit)
Joan Holloway
new york city blues
Characters/Pairings: Aaron Tveit/James Franco
Rating/Word Count: PG13 / 3224

Summary: Aaron's just trying to keep it all straight (so to speak) – the musical starting, Gossip Girl, being out but not out, kissing James Franco and being Peter Orlovsky – and, right, full stop: kissing James Franco.

( James Franco, Aaron learns quickly, is fucking weird )

you won't hear me cry (this i testify)
hunger games; a civil war inside a body
you won’t hear me cry (this i testify). rpf. blake lively/penn badgley. 1538 words. scenes of a breakup are just like any other: equal parts heartbreak and happiness.

scenes of a breakup are just like any other: equal parts heartbreak and happiness. Collapse )

The Private Love Song of a Slightly Tarnished Golden Boy
Title: The Private Love Song of a Slightly Tarnished Golden Boy

Author: bitchygrrl

Rating: R

Fandom: Gossip Girl (RPS/RPF)

Pairing(s): Chace Crawford/Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford/Jessica Szohr/Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford/OFC Chace Crawford/Kelly Rutherford, Chace Crawford/Zoe Kravitz/Zac Efron and Chace Crawford/Blake Lively.

Summary: Selected scenes from the private private life of Chace Crawford, in his world people come and go.

Authors Notes: Many thanks to 7thgeisha for her invaluable beta skills. This was written for the wonderful bond_girl for yuletide 2010

Let us go then you and I

fic: the lies they tell about us (aren't true), Gossip Girl rpf, Ed/Chace, NC-17
the lies they tell about us (aren't true)
a Gossip Girl rpf story
Ed Westick/Chace Crawford

Chace shouldn't care what it says about them on the internet, or what rumours people start. But he does.

written for the Pretty Lights Holiday Exchange. I also received this story: Westwick. Ed Westwick by joanne_c. Last year also turned up this great fic, It Ends on a Rainy Day by plumerri. Also check out the Gossip Girl RPF tag for this year's Yuletide exchange!

Hi, be my friend?
Hello there. So I'm not sure if this post is allowed, if it's not, by all means just delete it. =P I just wanted to know if anyone knows of some Taylor Momsen rpf? It seems to be...invisible. xD I would really like to read some, so I was just wondering if anyone knew of any or would be willing to write any?

Anyways. Thanks. ;D

Pretty Lights 2010

The Pretty Lights Holiday Actorficathon is open again for one more year! Multifandom: write one rpf story and get on in return. I love it when we get Gossip Girl fans so please stop by prettylightsfic and sign up.

fic: don't care if critics never jump in line
(aristocats) ► marie
don't care if critics never jump in line.
penn/blake. pg-13. [1/1]


Fic: Like We Did in the Summer (Ooh La La) (Gossip Girl RPF, R)
gg: orgy times
Like We Did in the Summer (Ooh La La)
Gossip Girl RPF. Leighton Meester/Blake Lively. R. 2178 words.

After the working day is done, she showers and sings made-up songs about sunrises and the blonde haired girls that match them, look good in them. They won’t be on any album, but she thinks of writing the lyrics on her arm, on Blake in the middle of the night, just so they’ll be there when they both wake up.

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Star Trek - Kirk captains chair

10,000 word minimum, all story types and pairings welcome.
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new fic: Kiss These Stars
Kiss These Stars
rated hard R
apartment!fic. because there can never be enough of that. set vaguely in the first season.

leighton is the first person to bring them a housewarming gift.