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gossipgirl_rpf's Journal

Gossip Girl Real Person Fiction/Real Person Slash
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a fanfiction community that features the actors and actresses of Gossip Girl
This is a journal for posting Gossip Girl Real Person Fiction. This fiction can include het and/or slash.

A Few Basic Rules: Links and Affiliates

- all fic must include at least one or more members of the Gossip Girl cast.

- that being said, anybody else can pop up whenever you so decide. Did you write Ed Westwick/Chris Lowell? Blake Lively/Jared Padalecki? Post away.

- be respectful.

- slash is welcome here. If that's not your thing, don't click.

- no fancy proper heading format is needed, but the title, pairing, and a rating is key.

- limit community advertising to Gossip Girl communities only. No spam. No elite communities.

- fan art is more than welcome.

- as this is a fic community, no episode discussions, news or pictures should be posted here. There are plenty of other communities for that.

- Please Use Tags.

Gossip Girl Official Site @ The CW.

If you would like your site listed here, or if you would like to be an affiliate, please email seedyapartment @ livejournal. com ... the more, the merrier.

Affliliates: bleighton_squee

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